Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week + Bonus

Happy Sunday, friends! We started the week off with an open call for new submissions, tackling a few reoccurring questions you’ve had about our process. Then, we boosted several small communities on both Twitch and YouTube in an effort to promote more inclusive Let’s Players. (You can still submit your channel to us for the next post, by the way!) Lindsay returned to share her tips for dealing with simulation (or motion) sickness while gaming. In light of Nintendo’s announcement and the largely critical response to two gay characters in the newly released Fire Emblem, Michelle B helped put into perspective the very different games culture in Japan for Westerners. After, I watched the documentary GTFO The Movie about women in the gaming community, and came away from it with more questions than when I’d gone in. We also celebrated the landmark SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling with a little queer lady interlude because #LoveWins! Ruth then closed out the week with her take on the much-discussed Her Story, a narrative made all the more intriguing by its mechanics.

Now it’s time for our weekly Twitter roundup! And, once again, we’ve curated quite a few links with new opportunities in the games industry. Scroll to the bottom and take a look! Whether you’re looking for a new indie game to play, a potential job related to games, or just want to know all the cool stuff before your friends do, keep us on your watch list. ✌

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‘GTFO The Movie’ Is Necessary, But Still Exclusionary


“Sometimes just existing in spaces is an activist movement […] an activist statement of saying, you know, ‘I’m here in this problematic space.'”

-Mattie Brice

Deep breaths, everyone! We’re about to discuss feminism and video games. I know, right? You’d rather play Alien: Isolation in the dark with headphones on than tackle this stuff. I feel you.

Before we try a stealth run on this one, a word of caution: due to the nature of this documentary, you should be aware of several potential triggers, including but not limited to mentions of rape, body horror, violence, as well as ableist, misogynistic, and transphobic language. I made an effort not to quote any of that within my own post, but some of the words used in this film can be exclusionary—even among allied speakers. Take care if you decide to watch!

As many of you already know, the documentary GTFO The Movie was recently made available for streaming. It details the lives of a few popular video game professionals (whether thrust into activism willingly or otherwise) as they continue to suffer a ceaseless shitstorm of harassment simply for existing in the games space. As of this writing, it’s already racked up several user reviews. Most notably, it was rated 4.6 out of 10 from 102 users on IMDB, and even referred to as “a dishonest propaganda piece in similar vein to ones you’d see from the church of Scientology or even similar to how the Nazi party did with Jews after World War 1.” So, yeah. There’s that.

In general, GTFO felt more like a crash course that at the same time introduced and reaffirmed the harassment experienced by a small subset of games culture to … well, people with no knowledge of the industry. For someone on the other side, this felt a little redundant to watch. Unlike Gaming in Color, another documentary that explores the queer side of gaming and all its possibilities, GTFO was a bit narrow in scope. As the narrative predominately focused in on one very specific group, it felt like there were huge gaps in the discussion in terms of the games culture at large and all the diversity of its playerbase therein.

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DIY Games Feminism: We’re Looking for Submissions!

Mass Effect

For six months, our little FemHype community has been growing rapidly. Every day, we’re making more friends on our Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook accounts (not to mention the comments section) who have an enthusiastic adoration for games and a desire to discuss how best to help games culture grow. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: thank you for your support and welcome to the FemHype community!

If you weren’t sure whether you wanted to contribute or not, we hope this post will answer some of your questions and inspire you to share your totally awesome creativity with the blog. Not all of us agree on everything discussed about games here, but what we do agree is that it’s incredibly important to foster a positive, safe environment where we can have a discussion in the first place. And that’s precisely what FemHype is: your safe space to talk about and share your thoughts on games in whatever capacity you feel inspired.

Now to the fun part! The following are the most common questions we get from the community. If for any reason your inquiry wasn’t addressed in this post or on our FAQ page, feel free to drop it in the comments below. We’ll get to you, not to worry!

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Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week + Bonus

Happy Sunday, friends! We’ve got quite the haul for you today, so make sure you aren’t overencumbered. This was the week of E3 2015, which began with a discussion about a brief segment during the Fallout 4 reveal potentially being read as transphobic. LA Ryter brought us a detailed review of Dead Island, both on its positive and negative portrayals of diversity. Then Katie joined us with the loopholes she found in the cult classic Five Nights at Freddy’s. Megan E made her debut with her take on how Bethesda handled its presentation of Dishonored 2 in comparison to other companies at the conference this year. And to no one’s surprise, we rounded up all the favorite E3 games from both our amazing community and writing team. We also received a generous donation of The Secret World base game code, which we’re currently handing off as a freebie! So don’t forget to enter our giveaway. 🙏

Ready for all the tweets from the E3 2015 floor? Here’s what witty as all hell gamers were saying this week. Plus, we’re curating our second ever watch list for anyone interested in the latest indie games, development resources, and fun opportunities available in the industry right now!

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Sunday Loot: Top Tweets From This Week + Bonus

Happy Sunday, friends! Stirring up a bit of nonconformity to start the week off, I talked semi-seriously about how Life Is Strange is the queer answer to the Twilight saga. Next, many of our writers offered up their top diverse game picks to combat the #GamesSoWhite issue blazing a path through the industry. And as another recommendation for your growing games shelf, Lindsay had high marks for Jenny LeClue, a teen girl detective to rival even Sherlock Holmes. In anticipation for E3, Emm dropped a DIY detailing how to throw your very own Fallout 4 party, especially for when the nuclear apocalypse happens. Lindsay joined us again with a thorough breakdown of why trigger warnings are always necessary and how to better facilitate warnings even when you don’t experience triggers at all. Heather O closed out the week with a different look at the Tomb Raider reboot than we’ve previously discussed (like Sam is totally Lara’s girlfriend, full stop).

And now it’s time for the tweets and tweeters shaking up games culture! This week, we’ve got a super mega awesome post for you to share. Not only are we lining up inspirational and informative tweets for you, but we’re also rounding up quite a few links to keep an eye on. Want to impress your friends with all your hella games knowledge? We’ve got you covered. ✌

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