Party Camp: Who Was the First Character You Identified With?


There’s a singular moment for every gamer when the playthrough transcends simple mechanics to reach us emotionally. When we identify with our first character in a video game, it’s an experience that often leaves us reeling. Much like reading a book or watching television, we’re uniquely hardwired to seek deeper understanding of the symbols and narratives that surround us, and gaming is far from exempt. To identify with a character and, subsequently, to relate with their narrative is like meeting a part of ourselves we didn’t have the words to describe before that moment. It’s the kind of experience that defines a “gamer,” despite that connotation currently being jockeyed.

Let’s jump back in time a few years to relive the defining moments a few of our writers reminisced about. Don’t forget to share your first experience in the comments!

Jillian ()

For me, this moment came in Tomb Raider II. I’d played my fair share of games on the PS2 up to that point, though none of them inspired me to dream big the way Lara Croft’s narrative did. She faced down tigers and sharks alike with unflinching determination, exploring the farthest corners of my imagination with nothing but a pistol and torch at the ready. It was my first real taste of a female character who not only lead the narrative, but did so with all the agency a woman should have. At the time, I was just shy of my teen years, and for a confused queer girl trying to ignore very clear signs, meeting Lara meant the world to me. She helped shape my wanderlust and the confidence I needed in order to embark upon the journey itself.

Though the franchise has come a long way since the pixelated days of tricking your butler into a meat locker (it never gets old), there are still persistent, problematic themes that need addressing.

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Player vs Pretense: Being a Woman in ‘League of Legends’

There’s safety in playing against bots in League of Legends. They’re programmed to say a simple sentence related to their quotes at the beginning and ending of each match, but other than that, they’re silent. It’s comfortable and the games lack complexity, but sometimes I’m not looking for anything but.

League of Legends

I’ve been playing League for a couple of years now. I’ve played PvP on the rift, PvP on Howling Abyss, and—of course—player versus bots. I’ll admit there’s a type of safety when you play with a group of your friends against real people on the opposite of the map, who I most likely know nothing about.

What I do know is that I’d (for the most part) rather not reveal I’m a girl. Players on the other team will automatically assume I’m a “he.” Hell, people on my own team do this far more than the alternative. And at this point, I just let them. There was a time I would correct them—promptly—but that was seasons ago.

The truth is, when I make the grand reveal that I’m a woman (note: this unfortunately doesn’t occur during a magical girl transformation as I may hope for each time I do it) the result goes in either one of a few ways:

1. No one cares.

2. Too many people care.

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Party Camp: What Does Being a “Girl Gamer” Mean to You?

This year has come and gone, and with it, a full month of trying my hand at this whole running a website thing. (Spoilers: It’s harder than it seems, but well worth the effort.) With FemHype‘s successful launch and many new, exciting opportunities ahead, I found myself reflecting on what brought me—and really, all of us, readers and writers alike—to this point. As women fighting for our voices to be heard in a rather tumultuous industry, I wondered how each of us personally identified with gaming and how we saw our role in the bigger picture. Thus, I posed a question to our writers, which I will similarly pose to you to hash out in the comment section.


What does being a “girl gamer” mean to you? To no one’s surprise, least of all mine, our little team of gamers had quite a lot to say on the matter—and no shortage of insight into what it’s like to carve a space for yourself in one that postures to have no room for you to begin with. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more proud of the team assembled here, and I’m committed to dedicating myself to this cause for as long as there are women (and men!) who need it. I welcome you to join us.

With all that said, from everyone here at FemHype, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday this season! I look forward to your responses after you’ve perused the following between your snacking and holidaying. Happy gaming!

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Keeping Up With the Forresters: TellTale’s GoT Series

TellTale Games has released a little more information about the upcoming Game of Thrones: A TellTale Game Series, including a release date! TellTale Games published the following tweet:

And, in case you couldn’t read through the mass of hashtags and consoles, its release will be tomorrow, December 2nd (for PC/Mac). The date has arrived. Is it too cliche to say “Winter is coming?” Yes, but it happened.

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