Games Grab Bag: Top Picks From the FemHype Crew

Dragon Age

On a fairly regular basis, we receive several emails and messages asking us for our video game recommendations. From games with the most replayability to titles that include positive representation, we had our hands full trying to put together a comprehensive list. But when we started to draft it, we realized we’d need an outside opinion for this to really serve as a helpful resource for everyone. And who better to recommend the best games out there than the FemHype crew?

With that in mind, we dropped a surprise poll on our Tumblr community with the expectation that we’d probably receive a few polite responses, and that would be it. Shit, were we wrong. Not only did all of you offer up an impressive variety of games, but you sparked quite the interesting conversation about what, precisely, makes a game great. Every response was super helpful, and I’ve gathered them all here (with links!) so that we can hopefully continue this very important discussion about something we all hold so dear.

If you want to be featured in our next community post or simply feel like keeping updated on the conversation as it unfolds, we’ve got you covered on both fronts! Follow us on Tumblr. ✌  Now get that wallet ready for the weekend, because your fellow FemHype crew have some incredible recommendations for you. These are the games you weighed in on!

Dragon Age

princessnellancholyTeam Fortress 2 (hats).

prosumeinvg: The Cat Lady.

rahabimsultana: Legacy of Kain. The whole series has an amazing story. Then there is Beyond Good and Evil. Because Jade is an amazing female character. Dragon’s Dogma because it has the best character creator I’ve ever seen.

justsuha: SOTC, Okami (she’s a woman and always overlooked by gamer girls), Ni no Kuni.

sunsetdawn: Harvest Moon 64! Although it is old and thus has issues (both in gameplay and general societal awareness alike), it is such a relaxing and rewarding experience. Your actions have consequences and you grow so attached to your lil town and farm. ❤

yukonbob: I am a HUGE fan of the entire Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls series. My historical favorites are Dark Forces, X-Wing, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights.

justsuha: Core Tomb Raiders (conscious gamer here who likes old TR series and has argues against CD TR), Final Fantasy (hyping 15 and glad for Tabata’s takeover especially after he announced his fav is 6!).

mrnelson007: Deadly Premonition is a great example of how love for what you’re doing and sincere charm can make something mediocre at best into something really amazing.

spazztastic-muffin: Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future! Way ahead of its time, great graphics and phenomenal music. original and good environment physics. Hardly known game, plus playing as a dolphin is great.

kikuneechan: Child of Light, Torchlight (1+2), Magicka.

naptimelobotomy: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, TES: Morrowind, Mass Effect, The Last of Us.

splitwitch: mother 3! it’s one of the most well written games i have ever played. it’s musical combo system is also one of my favorite features in an RPG!

bobotincandyland: I’m really digging Splatoon right now, it’s very friendly and positive and welcoming to players who have felt alienated by other games’ online play.

samuelvasnormandyStar Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 1 + 2. Remember MeAlien: IsolationMass Effect series. Dragon Age series. Jade EmpireResident Evil 1, 2, + 3.

dishwashermonkey: One of my all-time favourite games is Yoshi’s Island on the SNES (though I played it on the GBA port).

adrostas: I recommend games like Alien: Isolation with its intricate alien AI that is unpredictable at times. I also recommend Resident Evil 2 because of its awesome storytelling and puzzles.

yinyin-falcon: Lethal League. Untraditional fighting game. Easy to get into. Incredibly well balanced. Hard to master.

fekbenn: Until Dawn is the last console game I played. It lacked diversity in terms of body types/ethnicities/etc but the choice system was incredible. Very interesting to see how they subverted or reinforced the teen horror tropes depending how you played.

techtonicactivity: Terraria! It’s like if Minecraft had an rpg focused progression line while retaining all the soundbox and cave combing goodness.

meckamecha: Iji! It’s super fucking amazing. Strong but flawed female protagonist who isn’t sexualized, encourages pacifist runs, good story that changes based on your playstyle … It’s amazing and free.

zombioro: this is so offbeat but go vacation for the nintendo wii. it’s the perfect family wii game as there’s set activities and free play, the games/activities aren’t complicated and are very replayable, differing controls depending on preference, cute art.

magickbearslippers: System Shock 2! Excellent example of atmospheric gameplay through good mechanical design.

scrutinizingcharacters: Tales from the Borderlands is my favorite game. It is the best because of the super memorable characters and fun humor! I wish more games had such solid writing and characterization, dreamysighs [also, i really don’t like silent protagonists].

notazerosumgame: Portal, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and that one from 2008 with Elika, Beyond Good and Evil, Legacy of Kain, Jedi Academy, KotOR, Minecraft. They have fun gameplay, a good story, or both. I tend to like 3rd person games with melee weapons.

redxdestiny: FF7. I replayed this year, and I still love it. I love a good story & leveling up. Also Xenogears for same reasons & you can switch between using a gear or the character to fight. I live for cutscenes.

: I personally prefer adventure-puzzle types as they have a) interesting narratives b) aren’t reliant on reflexes [of which I have none] and c) tend to be the prettiest [in my opinion].

I’m not fond of dating sims but I think their interaction-narrative mechanic has potential outside of dating that I’d really like to see in other genres (and I don’t mean dating options in other games like you do in DA).

My favourite games are: Journey to the Moon (Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne in the U.S.), Monument Valley, and Detective Grimoire.

geekyhobbies: Deus Ex: Human Revolution not only has amazingly smooth stealth mechanics, but teaches you a lot about corrupt capitalism turning into oligarchy, and if too much technology is good or bad. Plus Jensen is a babe.

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